New slang including “Hangry” added to Oxford Dictionaries recently ran an article on slang words which have now been added to Oxford Dictionaries lexicon. Some of these slang terms are surprisingly dated, adding to my suspicion that the Dictionary editors are a group of old professors in oversized cardigans who receive the latest “word-on-the-street” news by carrier pigeon.

Case in point:

manic pixie dream girl, n.: (especially in film) a type of female character depicted as vivacious and appealingly quirky, whose main purpose within the narrative is to inspire a greater appreciation for life in a male protagonist

This trope has been around for a good decade, Oxford Dictionaries apparently didn’t get the memo.

See also:

rando, n.: (informal) a person one does now know, especially one regarded as odd, suspicious, or engaging in socially inappropriate behaviour

We were referring to “Rando’s” back in high school. Maybe the editors quietly collect these terms over decades and then add them all at once when they fear Oxford Dictionaries is losing its relevance.

Some of my favourite new additions are as follows:

pocket dial, v.: inadvertently call (someone) on a mobile phone in one’s pocket, as a result of pressure being accidentally applied to a button or buttons on the phone

hangry, adj.: (informal) bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger

Redditor, n.: a registered user of the website Reddit skippable, adj.: (of a part or feature of something) able to be omitted or passed over so as to get to the next part or feature

mkay, excl.: (informal, chiefly US) non-standard spelling of OK, representing an informal pronunciation (typically used at the end of a statement to invite agreement, approval, or confirmation)

When you’re looking for a place to eat and haven’t reached a consensus yet…

I must admit to some hangry episodes in my time. Oxford, if you’re paying attention, here’s a few more to add to the collection from Urban Dictionary:

phone groping, v.: that moment when you lose your phone and you immediately freak and start groping yourself to find it

trolling, v.: being a p***k on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it’s the internet and, hey, you can

hulk out, v.:  to become enraged; to lose one’s temper, clothing and power of coherent speech before embarking on a spree of violence and wanton destruction. After the comicbook character who turned from an unregarded geek into a thundering green mass of unstoppable fury.

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